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in cm
(loaded with Speakers)
Sugar Lumps
1x12’’53x54x37 580€Perfect cab for playing at home, get oversized for more low-end and a room filling sound
2x12’’ CTC standard80x47x37 789€Direct/Punchy/easy to carry
2x12’’ oversized80x56x38 789€More room for fatness and lows
2x12’’ Vertical53x70x38 789€Little Altar
2x12’’ Ported Vertical 58x75x38 849€
Higher Highs / Deeper Bass
Iron Chariots
4x12’’ 80x78x39 1199€

Get it fullstacked! 4x12 &2x15 maybe? Hit me up!
4x12’’ oversized80x89x40 1249€More room means more doom!
4x12’’ ODD Altar65x110x40 1299€Close to doom, but ODD plays two!
4x12’’ Fullstack standard 2199€

Get it stacked!
4x12’’ / 2x15''Fullstack 2149€

Get it stacked! Cosmic Terror's favorite weapon !
4 x 12’’ Fullstack Oversized 2299€

Get it fullstacked! Its a giant!
MonolithsCombined with the right amp, this Monolith is able to crush you!
6x12’’ monolith 75x110x39 1549€Here we go. 2x12
punch and articulation plus 4x12 fatness. Two sealed chambers, 1,2 or 3 inputs
6x12’’ monolith hidden or visible reflex Port75x120x42 1599€The fatness even
gets bigger with a ported 4x12"section.
Hit me up!
1x15’’ Vertical58x75x42 749€Classic choice for playing at home
2x15’’ Guitar 4x12’’ CTC Standard size80x78x39 1149€Perfect for 4x12’’ 2x15’’ fullstack! Come around and play some of mine!
2x15’’ Caveman Horizontal95x66x42 1249€The laying Caveman. The heaviest sounding 2x15'' you will ever hear!
2x15’’ Caveman Vertical70x100x42 1249€Need it vertical? This is what i recommend for bass! Pure power!
4x15’’81x125x42 1469€The Bass low-end Killer! Ever felt a whole room vibrating?
High Priests
2x10’’ Mini Obelisk60x75x42 699€get some sweet sounds for some home sessions
4x10’’ CTC standard70x 74x42 1100€Solid bass standard! Get fullstacked with 4x12 or 2x15!
6x10'' ODD Altar65x110x40 1299€ two separated chambers, 2x10 and 4x10 ported or none-ported options. Hit me up
8x10’’ Obelisk70x120x42 1639€Weapon of choice for sonic titans who know whats up!
LevitatorsGet a wider spectrum of Frequencys wit volume and sound like a full stack! Killer guitar and bass cab for all generes!
2x10’’ / 1x15’’75x110x40 1289€
2x12’’ / 1x15’’75x110x42 1349€
2x10’’ / 1 x18’’ 75x110x46 1399€Sweet Highs plus super lows! Hit it with a synth!
2x12’’ / 1x18’’ 75x110x46 1429€super mids and bass power!
GravitatorsEarthshakers for heavy tone gravity!Articulation plus earth shaking madness! Works great with every Instrument!
2x10’’ / 2x15’’75x120x42 1399€
2x12’’ / 2x15’’ 75x115x42 1499€
2x12’’ / 4x10’’ 75x115x42 1399€
4x10'' / 1x18"70x120x46 1600€
Planet Destroyers
1x18’’ 75x70x46 869€Submasses for drone druids
2x18’’75x120x46 1289€Double dose = Double fun
Custom Headshells or Pedalcases / Boards?Depends on specs.Only custom offers!




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