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Cosmic Terror Cabinets

About Cosmic Terror:

Since 2017 Cosmic Terror Cabinets are known for powerful guitar and bass custom cabinets that fit for all heavy styles of music – such as Doom, Metal, Stoner Rock, Hardcore, Punk etc. – but they will suite perfectly well to a wide range of guitar-based music. 
The Sound of Cosmic Terror Cabs could be best described as straight, powerful, big, voluminous with tons of low-end but without loosing the articulation.

You will hear, feel and love the difference between CTC and industrial produced cabs immediately. These are the real earth shakers, trust us!

They are elaborated and lovingly constructed with a natural wooden look. We don’t try to hide knotholes or wooden outbreaks. 

Cosmic Terror Cabs are constructed out of 18mm baltic birch plywood, connected by dovetail joints. Its possible to load the cabs with any speaker you can purchase in the internet.

The cabs can be picked up in Dortmund or be delivered as an empty housing – to equip it with your favorite speakers on your own. If you do so, cables with input jacks and mounting-screws for speakers are included. Or you could get them “fully loaded” for plug and play! 

All our cabinets are custom-made -designed and built for customer requirements. In addition to the standard options mentioned above, there is always the option of a custom cabinet.

Different cabinet dimensions, special colors, gold / black / silver corners, aged styled wood and color, front cloth or lightweight by poplar wood, are no problem. Maybe you need a matching headshell for your amp too?

Let us know and we will make it possible!

Since 2021 we also offer effect pedals. Thanks to my brother in law Darius Pohl and his schematic wisdom – due to more than 20 years of knowledge in building effect pedals – these effects set new standards in heavy sounds!


At the moment I stopped producing custom cabinets for an unknown time. Maybe Cosmic Terror Cabinets will come back to life someday. Books are closed for custom cabinet orders.

Keep your eyes out for new Cosmic Terror Effects and limited runs in the future. 

– Jan