The Butcher

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V1 restock soon Summer 2024

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maximum low end butcher circuit with standard gain V1

179€+Vat (MwSt.)

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Note: I build different sounding Butcher circuits in the past:

V1: 2021 Black enclosures standard gain with maximum lowend

V2: 2021 / 2023 Sparkle, colour enclosures and laser engraved enclosures with Maximum gain / little less lowend

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The Butcher is a tuned to doom fuzzface with some serious extra loudness, Filth and low end added to its circuit

It will shake your walls like no other Fuzzface Circuits around 

Roll the ‘brain Damage’ knob down to step in the Pink Floyd fuzz face like territories, you can achieve some clean bright sounds with the guitar volume potentiometer rolled down. 

Roll it up for more heavy sounds too muddy swamps. 

This thing got tons of Volume and sustain combined with huge chugs and fast dynamic reactions, perfect for fast playing.

The Butcher interacts perfectly with your guitar volume pot which adds more or cleans out the dirt depending on its position 

the Butcher works best as the first Dirt pedal in chain with overdrives or fuzzes stacked afterwards. If you use a clean tone buffer make sure the butcher is added before it. 

no matter what style of music you play, the butcher will deliver the right sound