Altars & Gravitators

Monoliths, Altars & Gravitators are featuring the biggest sized cabinets Cosmic Terror is building and known for.

No Matter if you need a punching 6×12’’, fat ass 4×15’’, 8×10’’, 2×12’’+ 2×15’’, 4×10”+1×15” or some balling 18” speaker combinations.

Each cab gets customize to your needs. It’s possible (sometimes necessary)  to split the cab in sealed and ported sections, which will provide a flexible sound combining the widest frequency spectrum you will ever hear from one stand alone cabinet. Yes, it’s getting damn loud!

Different Speaker dimensions for example 15’’ and 12’’ will get separated through chambers inside the cab, of course each section got its own input to provide a flexible handling of mono or stereo sounds. Hit me up for special stereo configurations, impedance questions or any other questions.

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At the moment I stopped producing cabinets for an unknown time.

Books are closed for new cabinet orders.

I’ll be back