Cosmic Drive

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The Cosmic Drive is our overdrive / preamp pedal which is based on the legendary Matamp GT 120. We added some extra tweaks to this circuit which will deliver a real useful tone control.

The Cosmic Drive delivers the classic growly warm vintage overdrive. It has gain and master controls and the same treble and bass tonestack like the real amp and most other matamp / orange style foundation pedals but we modified the impedance since this is not a tube circuit to be more low noise and be more efficient, in other words it just makes some more uuummmmffff than everything else (again), ‘coz we know our shit! 

Oh, and this thing features 1, 2, 3, 4 Drive Stages that stack onto each other to create a very dynamic and amp like saturation, possibly any overdrive sound needed.

The F.A.C is the “Frequency Attenuation Control” which you can set up for your guitar / bass tuning so this thing works very well for all kinds of tunings, don’t worry if you want to go really low, the Cosmic Overdrive will stay focused no matter what!

This Pedal also has a damn brutal addable boost section when the drive is on, which could blast the sound into a real fat overdriven territory – with super fat chugs – it’s mad man! 

All on top this thing has two inside trimmer pots mounted on top of the PCB. The left one controls the amount of mid frequencies added into the circuit. The right one controls the overall feedback you can get from the pedal but be careful with this one it has a very wide range and could sound like a noise gate if it’s turned all the way clockwise and you use it in combination with some high output pickups. You can get real nasty long sustain or go into harsh feedback. Whatever your needs are, the Cosmic Drive delivers.

As normal for our pedals, they are able to go louder than “standard”, are perfectly stackable with any other muff fuzz, fuzz face or distortion. 

If you are looking for a versatile overdrive / preamp pedal which is able to go from Peter Green’s Fleetwood Mac BLUES to Led Zeppelin classic ROCK to Sleeps Dopesmoker DOOM, get one of these!