The Battlehammer series is the smallest Cosmic Terror cabinet line. It features different cabinet dimensions with individual speaker sizes and sealed, ported or open back designs.

Configurations like 2×12’’, 2×10’’ and 1×15’’ are common. These cabinets are available in standard, oversize or vertical designs.

Standard: 80cm W x 47cm H x 37cm D

Oversize: 80cm W x 56cm H x 38cm D

Vertical: 53cm W x 70cm H x 38cm D 

(sizes will vary by chosen speaker)

Battlehammers delivering a huge sound, well articulated and straight forward almost full stack like power sound.

Message me for speaker configurations, infos, recommendations for customized orders and tell me your needs. 

Battlehammer starting price loaded 889€ 

Books are open for 2023/2024 builds but only a hand full spots available.

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