the sonic rat

Our Sonic Rat is a different breed of distortion.

It’s a crossing Rat distortion circuit stacked with the tone shape and output power of The Sonic Doom Fuzz.

The Rat distortion part is based on a Cosmic Terror modded Rat with the legendary LM308 chip, an Asymmetrical gain clipping and more low end power.

The distorted signal is getting shaped by the tone circuit of our Sonic Doom, which has a from left to right Master Volume, Mid control, Tone Filter and distortion control.

After the signal is dialed into your needs it’s getting powered by the output circuit of the Sonic Doom, which is known for earth shattering loudness.

The amount of loudness you can get from this beast is almost getting to the insane volume levels of The Sonic Doom, which is way louder than any standard rat you have played. The sound is more tightly distorted with a good string separation and articulation in it.

This pedal can get your sound super nasty evil territory with only a few tweaks. The amount of gain put into the signal can get pretty harsh very soon, for long sustained notes it’s better to run the gain knob in a 8-12 o‘clock position.

The Sonic Rat works for guitar and bass guitar. I highly recommend it for musicians who are looking for a low growl high gain black metal sound with the ability to step into Sunn O))) drone territories.

The Sonic Rat only runs ONLY on 9 Volts center negative.

The new enclosure is chemically etched, black patina treated with an smooth oiled finished surface which adds lots of unique character to each pedal.

As every Cosmic Terror Effects pedal the Sonic Rat only gets produced in small batches which twice a year.