Read this F.A.Q
first and please don't ask easy to google questions!

Q: Are you still building cabinets? I read you quit?

A: At the moment I stopped produce custom Cosmic Terror Cabinets for an unknown time. Books are closed for custom orders.

      I’ll be back!

Q: Do you offer discounts?

A: No. 

Q: I mailed you but i Didn’t Received an answer yet?

A: I usually mail you back within a week. If you don’t hear anything just try it again or hit me up through Instagram. Sorry I am not Amazon.

Q: Why are your effects so expensive?

A:  I don’t copy any existing circuits and sell them as new ones as so many others are doing. All my PCBs are through hole designed only with carefully chosen parts. No SMD or Chines mass production builds to lower the costs. Only limited small batches are produced.

Q: Can i send my Cosmic Terror Effect back if i don’t like it?

A:  Yes, if our effects are to heavy for your sound or you generally don’t like it, can’t handle it, it’s no problem to send your effect back to us and get your money back. Hit us up within 8 days after you received it. 

Please note that we are not responsible for shipping costs to you or back to us, these will be on your dime. 

Q: Would you repair my Cosmic terror Effects if its broken?

A: In the unusual case your effect is broken, we will of course repair it for free! Shipping will be on your dime.

Q: What happens if my effects / package got stolen?

A: All of our shipments are insured against damage or lost during transport. We are not responsible for packages that got stolen in front of your house. Make sure to contact the deliver company before you receive the package to prevent such issues.

Q: What materials are your cabinets constructed with?

A: Our cabinets are made from 18mm birch plywood plywood. If you want different material, please contact us.

Q: What type of joint do you use?

A: Half-through dovetail joints

Q: Can I get speakers into my cabinet?

A: Yes, we can get any speaker you want into your cabinet and recommend you some if your not sure which speaker will fit your needs. 

Q: Is it possible to test some cabinets?

A: Sure! Feel free to visit me in my showroom aka the Bunker. Get in touch with me!

Q: Do you offer a payment plan/layaway?

A: If you are not able to pay in full we offer a 50% deposit to start and then the balance, plus shipping, when your order is complete. Please contact us for more information.

Q: Do you sell your cabinets unloaded?

A: Yes, please contact us for a price

Q: Do you offer custom configurations other than what is listed?

A: Yes!! Please contact us. I am always open minded for any cool ideas

Q: What is you turn-around time?

A: All products get build after you ordered. Please allow 9-16 weeks for cabinet buildings. It can be more or less time depending on our order volume and your position on the waiting list. Once your order is complete, you will receive an email with your tracking information. Books for cabinet orders 2022 are closed! Get on the waiting list for 2023/24 or ask me for stock cabinets by email

Q: Who do you use for shipping?

A: We use TNT, UPS or Iloxx for shipping in Europe. If you live outside Europe, please contact me for informations. Shipping to the US is usually pretty expensive starting 350€- 1200€ . Hit us up if you know a cheaper way!!

Q: Do you ship internationally?

A: Yes, contact us for an accurate shipping quote. Please note that any taxes, tariffs, landing costs, etc. are the responsibility of the buyer.

Q: Can I pick up my order instead of having it shipped.

A: Yes, pickup in Dortmund is no problem. Please contact us.

Q: What if I received my cabinet, but it was damaged during shipping, or my package has been lost during shipping?

A: Unfortunately, damage/loss does occasionally occur during the shipping process. All packages are shipped with Declared Value and Signature Required. If you received your cabinet and it has been damaged or your package has been lost please contact the shipper directly. We are not liable for damage or loss that occurs during shipping.

Q: What is your Warranty/Return policy?

A: Cabinets are warrantied against manufacturer defects for 2 years from the date of purchase. The warranty does not include speakers, please contact the manufacturer directly for warranty information. Modifying a product in any way voids the warranty. Warranty related shipping is the responsibility of the customer. Products are non-returnable/refundable unless a mistake was made on our end, in which case you have 7 days from the date of delivery to report the mistake to us. Please make sure to test your new cabinet and every speaker as you receive it!

Q: Can I cancel my order after the building process has begun?

A: Orders canceled after the building process has begun are subject to a 30% (of the total price, excluding shipping) restocking fee

Q: Would you repair my old marshall / orange cab?

A: No. 

Q: Why is my ordered matt black cabinet not shinning?

A: Cause it’s matt not glossy.

Q: do you sell used cabinets?

A: No!

Q: Can you Help me building my own cabinet?

A: No!