The Sonic Doom

The Idea behind this Fuzz is to deliver a crazy amount of loudness, string articulation and decades if not lightyears of sustain at the same time without turning into immediate feedback, losing the low-end punch or getting mushy. It’s THE one for all musicians who want to crank the shit out of their amps, it’s THE SONIC DOOM!
It works best with a clean guitar or bass amps or could even be played straight into a power-amp, this is how much volume it has.
The Sonic Doom
Connect your Sonic Doom Pedal to a fully isolated 9V DC (center negative) power supply.
The Controls:
Controls the amount of fuzz and sustain. Roll it left to clean up the signal and get some nice overdrive-distortion sounds from it, if you also turn down your guitar volume you get some heavy bells ringing. Roll it to the right and be prepared to get some of the longest sustains you have ever heard from a fuzz. It’s somehow like a drive, into a distortion into a limiter (but a good one) into a fuzz but then again it’s something unique, like your guitar is starting to produce its own gravity.
Controls the overall tone of the fuzz. Roll it left to clean up the signal interacting with the fuzz, this gets you in the desert, roll it right to dirten up the signal and get some more over the top screaming fuzz or anything in between. The sonority is infinite.
This one is very important: it controls the amount of mids you are pumping into the signal and let’s you stay in focus. It goes from big muffish to flat out to a pretty mid heavy punch.
The master works as your volume knob. Please be careful with this one!!!
It will immediately get to harsh levels of volume, don’t break your hearing or your speakers by setting it too loud.
This device is built to be used through earth shattering setups.


Our new Sonic Doom V3 has maximum low end added to its circuit. It runs on 9 and even 18 Volt for maximum headroom and even more mind blowing volume. It’s by far the loudest fuzz i have everyone ever played.

The enclosure is chemically etched, black patina treated with an smooth oiled finished surface which adds lots of unique character to each pedal.

As every Cosmic Terror Effects pedal The Sonic Doom only gets produced in small batches which will drop two times a year.

Takeshi from Boris says:

I got the Sonic Doom Fuzz from cosmicterrorcabs. Long long Sustain, heavy , so loud. This guy is a Killer!!! Thanks Takeshi

Dave from Slomatics says:

The Sonic Doom, courtesy of the fantastic cosmicterrorcabs. Certainly the most appropriately named pedal out there, this pedal somehow combines having almost too much of everything with sounding articulate and full. Insanely loud, texturally rich and with enough bite to cut through our neanderthal dirt easily. Sonic Doom guaranteed!


DANGER: This can cause serious harm, use at your own risk.
Always make sure to wear tested protective ear plugs!
Protect your hearing and have a lifetime of heavy loud riffing!