Cosmic Terror Cabinets are handcrafted guitar and bass cabinets from my small one-man manufactory from Dortmund, Germany.

I highly recommend my cabinets for heavy styles of music like Doom, Stoner, Hardcore punk etc., but they feel home in every corner of music. The Sound of Cosmic Terror Cabs is straight powerful, big, voluminous, got tons of low-end, without missing the articulation.

You will hear, feel and love the difference between my cabs and the industrial standards. I got the real earth shakers, believe me!

The cabinets are elaborate and lovingly constructed, with a natural wooden look. I don’t try to hide knotholes or wooden outbreaks. Cosmic Terror Cabs are made out of 18mm birch Plywood, connected by a half through dovetail joints. Its possible to load the cabs with any speaker you can buy on the web.

Gladly the boxes can be picked up or sent as an empty housing. Cables with connectors, Input and screws for speaker installation are included.

All my cabinets are custom-made, designed and built according to customer requirements. In addition to the standard options mentioned above, there is always the option on a custom cabinet.

Different dimensions of the cabinet, other colors, gold corners, aged styled wood and color, front cloth or lightweight by poplar wood, are no problem. Maybe you need a matching headshell for your amp too? Let me have your wishes!

– Jan –